Beancan Grenade

The Beancan Grenade is an early-game tool. They're used to craft Satchel Charges, but can be used by themselves in raiding. The Beancan Grenade has a random detonation period and can kill a player if it's within the range. The Beancan Grenade has a 15% chance to be a dud. However, Beancan Grenades have a 50% chance to explode when you attempt to pick them up again after a dud.

Damage 115
Explosion Radius 4.5 m
Explosion Delay 3.5–4 sec
Dud Chance 15 %
Beancan Grenade
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Blueprint
  4. Events
  5. Recycled from
  6. Recycle
  7. Ingredient for
  8. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Crate - 1 1 %
Sunken Chest - 1 1 %
Underwater Lab Blue Crate - 1 1 %
Elite Tier Crate - 1 2 %
Wagon Crate - 1 1 %
Tunnel Dweller - 1 0.2 %
Patrol Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Oil Rig Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Underwater Dweller - 1 0.2 %
Excavator Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Arctic Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Military Base Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Heavy Scientist - 1 2 %
Cargo Ship Scientist - 1 0.2 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Beancan Grenade Blueprint Beancan Grenade Blueprint Gun Powder×60Metal Fragments×20 2–10 sec Workbench Level 1I
Gun Powder Blueprint×10 Gun Powder Blueprint

Known by Default

Charcoal×30Sulfur×20 1–2 sec Workbench Level 1I
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Beancan GrenadeScrap×75>Beancan Grenade Blueprint 75
Workbench Level 1 Workbench Level 1 Salvaged Hammer BlueprintPickaxe BlueprintSalvaged Sword BlueprintCompound Bow BlueprintMace BlueprintSalvaged Cleaver BlueprintWaterpipe Shotgun BlueprintFlare BlueprintPistol Bullet BlueprintRevolver BlueprintScrap×75>Beancan Grenade Blueprint 715
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Pinata Pinata - 1 17 %
Item Category Amount Chance
Satchel Charge Satchel Charge Tool 2 100 %
Recycler Yield
Recycler Beancan Grenade>Gun Powder×30Metal Fragments×10
Item Ingredients Category For 1 pc.
Satchel Charge Satchel Charge Beancan Grenade×4Small StashRope1 ft Tool 4

Pizza man 3000[contributor] 92 pts. 3 years ago

I'm sorry to tell you that you cannot craft bean can grenades with bean cans despite the name. Your whole life is a lie.

zukey[contributor] 1,285 pts. 6 years ago

A decent raiding tool which is fairly cheap but inconsistent with the RNG chances to blow up.
When raiding, the beancan is helpful for going through objects with low health. One good example is using 1 Rocket, two Beancan Grenade, and a few hits with a Hatchet.

Finite[contributor] 118 pts. 5 years ago

Similar to the satchel charge, you can hear a higher pitched sizzle when it is about to either detonate or dud. But, be careful with beancan grenades, it is best to run right away due to their shorter fuse.

N3xT[contributor] 346 pts. 4 years ago

Make sure to first exercise the throwing (and sticking onto doors & walls) of beancan grenades, because it's common for players that aren't familiar with the controls to either accidentally misthrow (drop it on the ground next to their feet and their team mates.. "RUN RUN RUN!!" - without forward thrust) or throw it instead of properly attaching it onto a surface.
Identifier 1840822026
Stack Size ×5
Despawn time 40 min