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Container Condition Amount Chance
Barrel - 1–2 ft 15 %
Item Category Amount Fail Chance
Wooden Barricade Wooden Barricade Construction 1 50 %
Barbed Wooden Barricade Barbed Wooden Barricade Construction 1 50 %
Crossbow Crossbow Weapon 1 -
Satchel Charge Satchel Charge Tool 1 50 %
Heavy Plate Jacket Heavy Plate Jacket Attire 2 -
Wooden Ladder Wooden Ladder Construction 2 -
Heavy Plate Pants Heavy Plate Pants Attire 1 -
Sewing Kit Sewing Kit Component 2 -
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Traps 1 -
Netting Netting Construction 2 -
Wood Chestplate Wood Chestplate Attire 1 50 %
Wood Armor Pants Wood Armor Pants Attire 1 50 %
Recycler Yield
Recycler Rope1 ft>Cloth×15
Item Ingredients Category for 1 pc.
Wooden Barricade Wooden Barricade Wood×300Rope1 ft Construction 1
Barbed Wooden Barricade Barbed Wooden Barricade Wood×300Metal Fragments×50Rope1 ft Construction 1
Bed Bed Cloth×60Metal Fragments×100Sewing Kit×2 Items 6
Crossbow Crossbow Wood×200Metal Fragments×75Rope2 ft Weapon 2
Satchel Charge Satchel Charge Beancan Grenade×4Small StashRope1 ft Tool 1
Ladder Hatch Ladder Hatch Wooden LadderMetal Fragments×300Gears×3 Construction 3
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Leather×20Sewing Kit Attire 3
Coffee Can Helmet Coffee Can Helmet Cloth×15Metal Fragments×60Sewing Kit Attire 3
Hoodie Hoodie Cloth×80Sewing Kit Attire 3
Heavy Plate Jacket Heavy Plate Jacket Sheet Metal×3High Quality Metal×8Rope3 ft Attire 3
Snow Jacket - Red Snow Jacket - Red Cloth×60Sewing Kit Attire 3
Jacket Jacket Cloth×50Sewing Kit×2 Attire 6
Wooden Ladder Wooden Ladder Wood×300Rope3 ft Construction 3
Metal Facemask Metal Facemask Leather×50High Quality Metal×15Sewing Kit×6 Attire 18
Metal Chest Plate Metal Chest Plate Leather×50High Quality Metal×25Sewing Kit×8 Attire 24
Pants Pants Cloth×80Sewing Kit Attire 3
Heavy Plate Pants Heavy Plate Pants Sheet Metal×2High Quality Metal×4Rope2 ft Attire 2
Road Sign Kilt Road Sign Kilt Leather×20Road SignsSewing Kit×2 Attire 6
Road Sign Jacket Road Sign Jacket Leather×40Road Signs×3Sewing Kit×3 Attire 9
Sewing Kit Sewing Kit Cloth×20Rope3 ft Component 3
Boots Boots Leather×20Metal Fragments×15Sewing Kit Attire 3
Shotgun Trap Shotgun Trap Wood×500Metal Fragments×250Gears×2Rope2 ft Traps 2
Netting Netting Rope3 ft Construction 3
Wood Chestplate Wood Chestplate Rope1 ftWood×300 Attire 1
Wood Armor Pants Wood Armor Pants Rope1 ftWood×200 Attire 1
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In-game category Component
Stack size 50 ft
Despawn time 20 min.