Roadsign Gloves

Gloves made out of metal offers a good amount of protection to the upper body.

ProjectileProjectile 10 %
MeleeMelee 15 %
BiteBite 10 %
ColdCold -8 %
Roadsign Gloves
  1. Loot
  2. Shopping
  3. Craft
  4. Blueprint
  5. Recycle
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Military Crate - 1 1 %
Oil Rig Locked Crate - 1 3 %
Elite Tier Crate - 1 1 %
Locked Crate - 1 2 %
Oil Rig Scientist - 1 0.1 %
Heavy Scientist - 1 0.1 %
Location Order
Bandit Camp Shopkeeper: «Building Supplies» Scrap×40>Roadsign Gloves
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Roadsign Gloves Blueprint Roadsign Gloves Blueprint Leather×20Road SignsSewing Kit×2 15–30 sec Work Bench Level 2II
Road Signs Blueprint Road Signs Blueprint High Quality Metal×2Scrap×20 1 sec Work Bench Level 3III
Sewing Kit Blueprint Sewing Kit Blueprint Cloth×20Rope3 ft 1 sec Work Bench Level 3III
Recycler Yield
Recycler Roadsign Gloves>Leather×10Sewing KitRoad Signs50%

zukey[contributor] 1,135 pts. year ago

Roadsign Gloves offer you 10% bullet protection to the chest but reduce cold protection by 8% and has a similar cost to a road sign kilt at 2 kits, 20 leather, and a road sign. Exluding heavy armor, the highest possible chest protection is 50% with a hoodie, metal chest, and roadsign gloves. This will increase your chance to survive a shot or two from several weapons but this rarely happens. Regardless if you are rich it is best to get the highest amount of protection to have the least chance of dying.
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Despawn time 5 min