Horse Dung

Fresh and fertile.

Horse Dung
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  2. Compostable
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Animal Amount per Hour
Horse 0.2
Item Composting Amount per Stack
Composter Composter Horse Dung>Fertilizer×5 250

The Sniper[contributor] 154 pts. 5 months ago

Always check the ol' backside of a horse before you ride it. You may find a few horse dung which you can compost.

Username 11 pts. 5 months ago

Horse farmer is actually a good way to earn scrap while having a lighthearted roleplay wipe. Just create a barn with horse troughs somewhere next to river. Pick food and give it to horses. Pick the horse poop and compost it. Sell fertilizer at bandit camp for good profit. You can actually get 7.5 scrap per horse dung this way. Our group just got 1800 scrap just from fooling around with this, having constantly around 6 horses poop over night. Have fun, roleplayers!
Identifier -1579932985
Stack Size ×50
Despawn time 1 hour